Cannabis Company Says Afghanistan Plans Hinge On International Recognition Of Taliban Regime

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A German marijuana company says it is still in talks with the Taliban regime of Afghanistan about setting up a cannabis production operation in the country—but some international issues need to be resolved first. There’s been a good amount of confusion over the deal, starting with the very idea that the regime would be open to allowing commercial cannabis production in its borders given its historically harsh treatment of people who use illicit drugs. Things became more muddled after the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs announced the contract deal late last month with a company called Cpharm and initial press reports identified an Australia-based firm of that name. In actuality, it’s separate German Cpharm that’s involved with the project. The company was apparently caught off guard by the Afghan announcement. But while they’ve since confirmed that the deal is in the works, a spokesperson told Marijuana Moment in an email that “CPharm is waiting for inter-governmental negotiations between the current Afghan Government and the importing countries.” “Also, in order to proceed with investments in medical cannabis facility, it is essential for the current government to receive” approval from the United Nations’s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). Cpharm has been critical of the prior administration before the Taliban swept in and seized control this year following the U.S. military withdrawal. They’ve been working to set up shop in Afghanistan since medical cannabis reform was enacted in 2017 but found the government “very corrupt” and “in bed with criminals who wanted to keep a monopoly on illicit cultivation and blocked our contract,” CEO Werner Zimmerman separately told Cannabis Now. With the Taliban regime, they see an amenable partner. But the new government has yet to receive the legitimacy of international recognition—something that’s necessary to move forward and finalize the agreement. Cpharm is…

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Source : Cannabis Company Says Afghanistan Plans Hinge On International Recognition Of Taliban Regime

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