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A number of MPs are calling for drugs to be legalised or decriminalised.There was a time when politicians were largely united in demanding a tough measures to stop people selling and using drugs.The Labour government in 2004 experimented with reclassifying cannabis from a class B drug to class C, which meant anyone caught with it was likely to be warned or cautioned rather than prosecuted.But this fell short of legalisation, and in any case was reversed in 2009.

Many MPs are now taking a more radical approach – and made their views known in a recent Commons debate.

Newport West MP Paul Flynn claims the UK is suffering under the “permafrost of ignorance” and wants the medical use of cannabis legalised, reports WalesOnline.

In October he will present a Bill in a bid to put legalisation on the political agenda and he will ask MPs if they are ready to “join the world” in reform of laws that “kill more people than the drugs”.

Arguing that Britain is out of step with the policy in other countries, he said: “I believe that the rest of the world will leave us behind; they are laughing at us now.”As he begins his latest push to change the law, here are a selection of his recent observations about cannabis, the law, and the impact on ordinary people


Source: New bid to legalise cannabis – for these seven reasons – Birmingham Mail

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  1. As someone from Birmingham, this is exciting but I think we’re a long way off yet. The topic is definitely gaining momentum but we seem to be still so Victorian in a lot of our government policies, it’ll be a long time yet I fear before we see actual movement.

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