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Mission-Made Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil Arrives In Dispensaries | Hoodline

This looks so tasty and i can imagine you will definetely want more once the munchies kick in . An endless loop on a culinary rollercoaster.

lbp 8504A premium product for chefs and home cooks, Pot d’Huile was created with help from a molecular biologist.

Conceived in the Mission district, a new edible cannabis product is now available at a few dispensaries in San Francisco. Called Pot d’Huile (“PdH”), the locally crafted marijuana-infused extra virgin olive oil is marketed toward chefs, bakers and home cooks.

We met up with co-founder Yannick Crespo, a Mission resident who has a background in finance and accounting. He said he and business partner John Bradbury had the idea to create the oil a few years ago, but felt they needed a specialist to help develop the concept.

“We were trying to find someone to do research and development,” he said, “so we set up a meeting with Allison Comiso Bordsen, who is a biochemist and molecular biologist.” The three Mission residents gathered at Mission Pie and immediately established a rapport—their 60-minute meeting turned into seven hours.


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