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Chile starts selling medical cannabis at some pharmacies

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A woman smiles with a marijuana leaf painted on her face during a march calling to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis in Santiago, Chile on Nov. 16, 2014. Chile has now authorized the sale of medical cannabis at designated pharmacies. (Luis Hidalgo, AP)

By The Associated Press

SANTIAGO, Chile — Chile has become the first country in Latin America to sell cannabis-based medicines at pharmacies.The pilot program was launched Wednesday at two pharmacies in the Chilean capital, which will sell the T100 and TC100 chronic pain-relief medicines made in Canada.

The program is financed by an alliance between Chile’s Alef Biotechnology and Canada’s Tilray under the supervision of the Chilean National Health institute.Related storiesDo you know where pot is legal, and where it’s not?How the Americas are leading the way to a new weed world orderChile medical marijuana: First harvest slated for 200 cancer patientsAlef Biotechnology President Roberto Roizman says the viability of the program will be evaluated in six months to determine if it can be produced in Chile and exported.

Tilray is a pioneer in the research, production and distribution of cannabis-based medicines.Chile has been joining an international trend of easing restrictions on marijuana for medical or personal use

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Source: Chile starts selling medical cannabis at some pharmacies

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