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Bay Area women get high on cannabis-infused tea – SFGate

Three dozen women, most wearing cocktail dresses and vintage hats, gathered in the backyard of a private Mill Valley, Calif. home last month to snack on delicate finger sandwiches, chat, and microdose on cannabis-infused tea.

The “High Tea” was one of a few recent Bay Area parties hosted by Kikoko, a newly launched line of cannabis-infused organic teas that claim to offer relief from migraines, menstrual pain, insomnia, and loss of libido.In a recent story from the Chronicle’s cannabis culture site,, writer Amanda M. Fairbanks reveals the party’s details.
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While many party-goers didn’t feel comfortable disclosing their full names (out of fear of being criticized or their children being denied playdates) they didn’t shy away from praising the benefits of cannabis-infused tea.


Source: Bay Area women get high on cannabis-infused tea – SFGate
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