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5 Easy Steps to Growing Your Own Pot – High Times

roots in rockwoolAs more and more medical marijuana states come online and other states legalize recreational use for adults, many people are asking how they can easily—and with minimal expense—grow their own cannabis at home. Here’s a quick-start guide to setting up a small indoor garden and getting it running effectively.S

tep #1: Choosing a SpaceThe first step in any cultivation project is identifying a smart space for your garden. At home, grow spaces tend to be smaller and more restricted than one would like, especially indoors. The home grower commonly has limited options, such as a closet, basement or garage, where extra space might be available.

The primary considerations in choosing a site for your garden are the size of the space itself (including height) and the ability to properly seal and ventilate it. Bringing fresh, cool air into the garden and exhausting hot, spent air out of it are often overlooked and underestimated factors when setting up a grow. A secondary consideration for some might be security and the ability to conceal the garden.


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