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USA | Senators Approve Medical Marijuana For Military Veterans | MassRoots

Cannabis can help people with PTSD so its tim ethey let the medicine heal the people .bigstock marijuana plant 71644300dupeA powerful Congressional panel approved a proposal to increase military veterans’ access to medical marijuana on Thursday.By a vote of 24 to 7, the Senate Appropriations Committee adopted an amendment that would allow doctors in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) to recommend medical cannabis in states where it is legal.

Under a current internal V.A. administrative directive, federal policy is “to prohibit V.A. providers from completing forms seeking recommendations or opinions regarding a Veteran’s participation in a State marijuana program.” That policy technically expired on January 31, 2016, but it remains in effect in practice until such time as the department institutes a new one replacing it.


Source: Senators Approve Medical Marijuana For Military Veterans | MassRoots

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