Highten Sifter: Extract Kief With Ease

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The Highten Sifter is the first table-top kief extraction machine that allows you to shake trichomes off cured cannabis within as little as 30 seconds. Create your own custom edibles, rosin and hash without harsh chemicals, using a ton of flower, or extensive processing times.  By saving the integrity and minimizing plant material after extraction, the Highten Sifter allows consumers to enjoy premium kief using all qualities of cannabis. Less plant material equals a cleaner taste and overall high. After years of triathlon training and participating in numerous Ironman competitions, Highten Sifter founder Chad Johnson started using cannabis to alleviate muscle pain. He began consuming kief at home using a traditional grinder. Wanting a more efficient way to extract kief, Johnson created a hand sifter to process more flower at once. However, Johnson had holes in his rotator cuffs from training, and the vigorous and tedious movements needed for hand sifting were becoming too painful for him. Not ready to give up, the idea of an automated sifter was born. Cannabis Now teamed up with Grizzly Pine, a Bozeman, Montana-based dispensary, to review the Highten Sifter and see what benefits come with automated sifting. Skye Norquist, a professional chef of 10+ years, recently joined the Grizzly Pine team as their Edibles Manager. While generally infusing with BHO or isolate, she’s excited about the possibilities of a cleaner-tasting edible. Specifically, she’s working on a spice blend and infused salad dressing using freshly decarbed kief, and she’s also creating custom tastes using multiple strains. After grinding some Platinum Pound Cake buds, we prepared the herb for the Highten Sifter by taking the recommended following steps: Freeze the material for at least 30 minutes.Grind material and freeze for another 30 minutes. After running close to a full ounce in the sifter, we decided…

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