Easy Edibles: Four Ingredient Ganja Frosting Recipe

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Cooking with cannabis is a great way to enjoy the effects and benefits of marijuana. After years of decorating desserts with THC-free toppings because weed frosting doesn’t come in a can, I’m pleased to say those days can come to an end. Whether you need something to cover a cake, or just to dip pretzels in after the munchies show up, this super simple recipe is versatile and done in minutes. (If you haven’t made cannabis infused coconut oil before, here’s an easy step-by-step method) Canna-Coco Vanilla Cream Frosting Ingredients: 2 ¾ cups confectioners sugar (plus a little extra)½ cup of cannabis infused coconut oil, liquid but not hot3 tbsp milk (plus a little extra)2 tsp vanilla extract Directions: Combine all ingredients in large mixing bowl. The coconut oil should be liquid, but not hot, as heat will have an undesired effect on the consistency of the frosting. You can melt the oil in the microwave by heating at 15-20 second intervals and stirring to help along the melting. Coconut oil turns from a solid to a liquid at around 76° F so it shouldn’t take very long. The level of coconut flavor depends on the kind of oil You’ll need an electric mixer to achieve the right consistency — it’s definitely a kitchen gadget worth having.  Fully submerge the mixers of the device into the ingredients before turning it on, a half-submerged mixer can equal a big mess as ganja frosting splatters all over the kitchen. Use the mixer on low/medium until the frosting is smooth and holding it’s shape. Depending on your preference, add a sprinkle of extra sugar to thicken the frosting or a few drops of milk to thin it. Apply generously on cooled baked goods, or grab a spoonful straight away! Use a piping bag…

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