The Best Retro Cannabis Strains of the 90s


While some of us may bristle at the idea of referring to the 1990s as ‘retro’, it’s a sobering thought to remember that the 90s began 30 years ago. A lot happened in the 1990s – scientists discovered cannabinoid receptors, Clinton admitted he lit it but didn’t inhale, Proposition 215 came into effect, and some of the music was fantastic. The era of Grunge was also the era of ganja, with some choice strains taking centre stage during the 1990s. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and highlight some of the finer strains of the era. White Widow Bred primarily for a high trichome count, White Widow is arguably the quintessential 1990s strain. The Christmas-y looking beauty made her debut in 1994 and was quickly rewarded with a Cannabis Cup in 1995 – talk about an immediate impact! Initially bred by Dutch masters Green House Seeds, this perennial favourite was an instant hit, famed for its high THC content of around 20%, coupled with a resin production that was off the charts. An indica/sativa hybrid, White Widow, resulted from a pure Brazilian sativa mother and a South Indian Keralan hybrid father. White Widow has a high mould resistance, making it an excellent choice for outdoor grows but perfectly happy to sprout indoors with the correct set-up. A reasonably short plant, with yields on the medium-high side, White Widow has a pungent scent when lit and carries a spicy, earthy taste with notes described as pine. It’s a far cry from the tastier, fruitier strains of today, but rest assured – once the effect hits, that won’t matter. You’ll be too blissfully high to care. This strain made its name on its potency, and it’s easy to see when you try it. White Widow’s effect is an instantly uplifting, cerebral…

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