How To Roll a Cannabis Cigar (Thai Stick)


There’s nothing like a handmade, flavourful cannabis cigar. Here are all of the steps you need to take to make your own Thai Stick at home. For those lucky enough to live in region that is cannabis-friendly and allows home grow options, the changing of seasons brings more joys than just colorful outings and berry-picking. Here in Ontario, for example, the harvest has already been cut down and cured, and many are looking toward the quiet winter ahead. There will be smoking and tincture making and edibles to line the freezer, but what about something new this year? How about making your very own Thai stick – otherwise known as cannabis cigar? These are the perfect treat for those with a lot of cannabis, a little patience, and an appetite for long smoke sessions. History of the Thai Stick Thai sticks are some of the most potent cannabis cigars, originating in Thailand among the hill tribes of the northeast. In the 70s, these tribes used silk to hold the cannabis cigar together, rather than fan leaves or bamboo sticks. Today, the sticks are made by binding bud to a bamboo stick, dipping in hash oil (or cannabis oil), and then sealing with cannabis fan leaves. The cannagar is a potent treat that is big in flavor. At the time of the entry of the cannabis cigar into Western culture, cannabis was prohibited across the Americas. Very little cannabis was grown locally due to is illegal status, but also as a result of the time/space needed to have a successful grow out of the prying eyes of the authorities. Interestingly, in the illegal markets, The Sticks were attractive due to the ease of transport (as opposed to brick packing). High Times gives a great piece on the Thai Stick, describing key pieces…

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