Editors’ Picks: The CBT Team Selects Their Favorite Stories from 2021


<![CDATA[Another dynamic year in the cannabis industry is coming to a close, and there’s certainly no shortage of themes and narratives and characters to look back on for a sense of all that’s happened. Here, the CBT editors provide some thoughts on their favorite stories of 2021.  GOP Congresswoman Mace Spices Up Federal Cannabis Legalization A Democrat-controlled Senate didn’t bring forth meaningful federal cannabis policy reform in 2021, as many legalization proponents thought it might in the beginning of the year. But what 2021 brought the industry is a new a new face on Capitol Hill and a new hope that ending prohibition doesn’t have to be red versus blue. When South Carolina GOP Rep. Nancy Mace, a freshman U.S. House member, unveiled the States Reform Act (SRA) on Nov. 15, the legislation garnered support from industry advocates, small businesses, veterans, law enforcement, farmers and the like. Not only does SRA’s proposed 3% cannabis excise tax offer a lower option than what Senate Democrats have proposed (25%), but it also moves to put the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in charge of federal regulation for cannabis products in interstate commerce—two attractive elements for many industry leaders offering feedback on reform. As the MORE Act hasn’t captivated the same attention as it did when first introduced in 2019, and as Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer, N.Y., Ron Wyden, Ore., and Cory Booker, N.J., have sat on officially filing the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA), which they first talked up in February, a young, southern Republican may be the spark needed to push federal cannabis policy reform forward. -Tony Lange, Associate Editor  Cannabis Policy Proposals: Pros and Cons  As adult-use cannabis legalization continues to spread across individual U.S. states, the industry is left wondering if – or perhaps more accurately, when – a federal legalization bill might become a reality. In the meantime, however, Cannabis Business Times columnist and…

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