5 Tips to Optimize Page Speed for Your Cannabis Business’s Website


<![CDATA[For a cannabis business operator who is trying to comply with strict state-by-state regulations in a federally illegal industry, the page speed of the company’s website may not be top of mind.However, according to Dan Serard, director of business development for Cannabis Creative Group, a cannabis-specific marketing agency, page speed is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) and could help set your company apart from your competitors.RELATED: Social Media and the Cannabis Industry: Tips and Lessons Learned“When you think about it from a very high level, essentially, if your competitor’s website is loading faster than yours, then they’ll outrank you,” he tells Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary. “Page speed is an important factor. … It really impacts your organic presence because if you have a faster page speed, then you have a better user experience and your content’s going to be up quicker, consumers are going to see your information quicker, and if it’s good for the user, then it’s good for the search engine.”Here, Serard offers five tips to optimize page speed.1. Focus on the mobile experience.Google is focused on indexing mobile first, which means cannabis business owners should also have a “mobile first” mentality, Serard says.“That’s where a lot of people are searching these days,” he says. “It’s important that the images load correctly, the content is sized appropriately, and there’s no java script or code that is coded incorrectly to affect user speed times.”Business leaders should keep the mobile experience in mind when building their websites, Serard says, which means avoiding inefficient coding, large file sizes for images and videos, and poor server response times.2. Choose photos wisely.Since large photo files take longer to load, Serard says businesses should use them sparingly.“A lot of these cannabis websites have beautiful, high-resolution imagery…

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