We Tried It: Raw Garden Holiday Vapes


If cannabis consumption is in the mix of your holiday celebrations this year, you could do a whole lot worse than the unmatched flavor and potency of a top-shelf, live-resin dab. And if you’re looking for something discreet and reliable in your back pocket through your holiday travels, it may be time to reach for a high-quality vape pen. Raw Garden — the brand most associated, in my mind at least, with the ideal dab at an ideal price point — is answering the call this year with a variety of holiday-fit terpene profiles in its ever-increasing line of single-source live resin extracts.  Raw Garden is heavily focused on genetics these days; more specifically, responding to cyclical consumer trends in cannabis by breeding a mix of new hybrids and legacy strains in-house. It just so happens that ample resin production — a clear trait you want to cultivate when making extracts — often denotes a structurally vital plant that’s also mold and insect-resistant. And it’s this type of consistent plant health and integrity that Raw Garden’s breeding program aims to deliver. “By breeding, we’re really trying to breed for farmable seed that are semi-homogenous, if not homogenous,” Raw Garden product director Khalid Al-Naser told Cannabis Business Times in May 2021. “They give us repeatable aromatic bouquets, but also repeatable agronomic traits that make it easier to farm and easier to harvest.”  For this review, we’ll be taking the Apple Fritter #74 Refined Live Resin vape cartridge + battery and Double Cookie Funk Sauce to see how Raw Garden’s flavors and effects hold up for the “holidaze.” First Impressions Raw Garden products tend to offer an experience that’s far from “lightweight,” but its no-frills-just-sauce approach to packaging is broadly inviting without feeling too corporate. Every Raw Garden box includes an imminently legible…

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