St. Louis Lawmaker Worries DEA Might Intervene If Local Psychedelics Reform Is Enacted

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The St. Louis lawmaker behind a recently enacted marijuana decriminalization bill says he’s aware that there’s growing talk about pushing broader reform by loosening laws around psychedelics and other drugs—but he’s concerned that the federal government may intervene if the city pushes the envelope too far. Alderman Bret Narayan (D)—whose cannabis legislation to end the local criminalization of adults over cannabis possession and cultivation was signed into law by Mayor Tishaura Jones (D) last week—took a question about psychedelics policy from Marijuana Moment during an interview on St. Louis Public Radio on Monday. Asked whether he’d consider sponsoring a proposal to locally deprioritize laws around substances like psilocybin and ibogaine, Narayan said that “some of my colleagues have brought that up,” but he thinks “that’s a much tougher a hill to climb” than the recently enacted cannabis reform. Alderman Narayan, now that you’ve got this significant marijuana reform in place, are you considering pursuing changes to broader drug laws, for example in the way that other cities around the US have moved to decriminalize psychedelics? Seattle, Oakland, Denver & Detroit, for ex — Tom Angell ⓥ (@tomangell) December 20, 2021 Specifically, the legislator said that there’s a difference between marijuana and psychedelics with respect to potential federal intervention. While the Justice Department has previously put out guidance generally saying that it wouldn’t be going after individuals operating in compliance with state-legal cannabis programs, the same can’t be said for psychedelics. “I’m not sure if the [Drug Enforcement Administration] wouldn’t come in if now you can go to the store and buy psilocybin,” he said. “The feds may say, you know, that’s really cute, St. Louis Board of Aldermen, that you think you’re going to do that, but you’re not.” While some advocates and lawmakers are working to create regulated access…

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Source : St. Louis Lawmaker Worries DEA Might Intervene If Local Psychedelics Reform Is Enacted

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