21 December : WSLCB Gives Their Own Take On New Homegrown Seed To Sale System


Their take on the launch is rosier than others we’ve read !! This is what they say whilst patting themselves on the back   December 21, 2021 To:          Cannabis Licensees, Labs and Integrators Fr:          Jim Morgan, CCRS Executive Sponsor Re:         Moving Forward with CCRS The Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS) is now the sole and official reporting system for cannabis business activity in Washington State. The full transition to CCRS was a two-part process. First, CCRS was successfully deployed on Dec. 6, 2021. Second, this past Saturday evening the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) decommissioned Leaf Data Systems. Thank you to the licensees, labs and integrators that proactively transitioned to CCRS at the required time. With the successful application launch, the reporting expectations for cannabis industry transactions reporting changed from Leaf traceability software to CCRS. System is Working Overall, the system has rolled out as new systems do. Not perfect (none are) but successful. Business has not been halted nor has the system been down since “go live.” Roughly, three-fourths of licensees have transitioned to CCRS, and each day more licensees are uploading records into the system. For several months the LCB has communicated the upcoming transition to CCRS and steps licensees could take to familiarize themselves with the system. In October, the LCB provided the opportunity to test the new environment to learn how the system works and to prepare their records for transitioning to the new system. Unfortunately, very few took that opportunity. That means almost the entire industry is essentially transitioning at the same time now. Helping Industry Partners We continue to work with licensees and commercial integrators to address issues and help them make the transition. Once onboard, licensees will find reporting in CCRS to be simpler and easier to remain compliant. It will…

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Source : 21 December : WSLCB Gives Their Own Take On New Homegrown Seed To Sale System

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