The Marijuana Smokers Guide to High Holiday Parties

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It won’t be long before most of us are scrambling around like a bunch of Mississippi pimps trying to fit in all of the holiday parties that we’ve been invited to this year. This is a relatively good sign that we’re still semi-popular, liked for the most part, and our company is something that our families and friends do not wish to be without. Or maybe this onslaught of invites was brought on because we always seem to show up to a party with a pocket full of good smoke. We’re that legion of stoned soldiers, after all, who can provide the closet cannabis user the option of just saying, “no” once uncle Will pulls out that bag of ditch weed he’s been holding onto for decades, just in case aunt Zara, who he explicitly refers to as “the old lady,” allows him to start smoking again. Even though you may encounter some people new to the weed scene, most are fully aware that the marijuana sold on today’s market is vastly superior to the product that the longhairs used to smoke in the high school bathroom – like the stuff Uncle Will is always holding. They want nothing to do with pot that resembles the centerfold of Guerreo Gold torn out of a High Times magazine from 1975. No sir, these neophytes of the nug are after, for the lack of a better description, that medicinal grade chronic that they’ve been hearing about in all those rap songs. They want a taste of what Snoop is smoking with Willie; they want to go back to work in 2019 and brag to a few select friends about how they go high on the herb from Tommy Chong’s garden. But these folks are also aware that marijuana remains mostly illegal in the United States, so showing…

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