Spanish entrepreneurs found cannabis industry guild


El Planteo reports A group of businessmen from the cannabis industry came together to form the Guild of the Cannabis Industry (GIC) . As reported by Cáñamo Magazine , the main objectives of the association are to promote unity in the sector , ask for legal certainty , support the regulation of the plant and develop a code of good practices. It is that, in the Iberian country, judicial and police operations have recently been taking place against the plant and its defenders. Meanwhile, the new union – which was officially registered two weeks ago – seeks to bring together the largest number of people related to the self-cultivation of cannabis industry. In this way, they summon grow shops, product distributors, seed banks, specialized media, fairs and fertilizer manufacturers so that their demands have more weight. A new cannabis guild in Spain It should be noted that the GIC used the platform of the Guild of Grow Shops of Catalonia (which dates back 15 years) to update it and extend it to the entire country. Likewise, the union established an agreement with the European Observatory for the Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis (OECCC) to obtain legal support and support in the event of police interventions. In dialogue with Revista Cáñamo, David Sauleda , member of the GIC board of directors, stated: “We believe that an association is necessary beyond the autonomous communities. We ask that the legality of the seeds be maintained or that it be improved through regulation, and that the grow shop sector be recognized in the future regulation of cannabis with the creation of a specific section in the law ”. In turn, Sauleda referred to the “problem of banks”, since cannabis companies are denied access to bank accounts. Finally, the union’s spokesperson concluded: “We will be supporting the entire sector and the entire cannabis world, but our concrete demand is that self-cultivation and the right of self-cultivators to generate…

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Source : Spanish entrepreneurs found cannabis industry guild

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