Israel Creates Rules To Grow “Organic” Cannabis


Israel’s Economics Committee hasapproved the exclusion of medical cannabis from the procedures that state that organic cultivation must be done directly in the soil. This will allow companies for the first time to brand their cannabis as “organic”, although they have challenges to meet them  The Knesset’s Economics Committee, chaired by MK Michael Bitton (Blue and White), ruled today (Monday) that it will be possible for the first time to call “organic” medical cannabis subject to meeting certain conditions – something that has not been possible to date due to conflicts between organic standards and established procedures. By the Medical Cannabis Unit of the Ministry of Health (IMC-GAP). The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Oded Forer, said: Most and ensure for them quality product  The cultivation of organic produce in a “detached substrate”, ie not directly in the soil, while the regulation in the field of medical cannabis requires the cultivation of cannabis in a detached substrate only. During today’s discussion in the Economics Committee, it was determined that growing medical cannabis will join sprouts, fungi and seedlings that cannot be stunted in the soil for biological reasons, and will be excluded from the procedure so that it can be called “organic growing” even though grown in a detached substrate only. Of course, receiving approval to use the “organic” symbol is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture, which told Cannabis Magazine that ” Production and sale), 5768-2008, which allows for the first time to grow organic medical cannabis “. As reported in Israel

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Source : Israel Creates Rules To Grow “Organic” Cannabis

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