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Pot Is Getting Personal: Soon You’ll Get Marijuana Based On Your Brain Activity

We all know that when something is custom made it feels that it was made just for you. Why not cannabis tailored to your needs

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Marijuana connoisseurs may soon have a new option for finding the best weed: brain scans.

In the past, the marijuana selection process went something like this: buy whatever your dealer offers. If you’re lucky, you can choose between strains with vaguely evocative names like Blue Dream and Romulan. Then, with the advent of medical marijuana dispensaries, selection became more refined. All of a sudden, that Blue Dream comes with information on its percentage of THC (the ingredient that gets you high) and CBD (the pain relief ingredient).
A software and technology company called Potbotics plans to offer even more nuanced information for people who still aren’t finding the strains that will work best for them. Potbotics has three wildly different products in development, but they all have one common thread: They’re all “focused on elevating cannabis to higher standards,” according to CEO David Goldstein. Potbot is a “virtual budtender,” Brainbot is EEG software that can match people to strains of weed, and Nanopot is a DNA reader for cannabis seeds.


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