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I’m epileptic, and cannabis is my saviour |

1499227633588I am 27 and I have smoked since I was 14. It hasn’t killed me – in fact, it has literally saved me.I forgot my pills while I was away recently. I was heading to the local park, just a three minute walk away. I could feel the right side of my body get tingles, a partial seizure – I know when this happens it’s building to a full unconscious grand mal seizure.I had to stop three times as the partial seizures started, and each time I sat down and had a puff. Marijuana was the only thing that would relax my neurosystem and over-stimulation – even the light and dark of the overhanging trees as I walked was enough to set off my epilepsy.If it were not for my marijuana I wouldn’t have even made it to the park. I would have had an unconscious seizure – a scary experience on a public street, and something that has no real warning.


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