amsterdam weed royalty has decamped for california 2375

Amsterdam Weed Royalty Has Decamped for California

dutchies cannabis nowAmsterdam Weed Royalty Has Decamped for California.Inside the grow room the longtime marijuana breeder who goes by the name Harry Resin photographs the 6-gram buds of Sunset Sherbet that swallow the space.

This cannabis grow doesn’t look like any I’ve seen yet – the plants are almost pure flower, starting with fat frosty purple colas on top all the way down to bowl-worthy break-offs at the base of the stems. All of the excess leaf material has been removed.“The leaf eliminated allows for greater light penetration,” Harry explains while pointing out a small spec of green on a nug indicating that at least a tiny part of the flower has started to re-enter a vegetative state. “That’s an indication of ripening.”


Source: Amsterdam Weed Royalty Has Decamped for California

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