What Smoking Pot Does to Your Gums – Men’s Journal

You know smoking tobacco does a number on your oral health. But can the same be said of smoking pot? Possibly, warns a new study from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. Data from nearly 2,000 Americans reveals that regular tokers — those who lit up at least once every month in the last year — were twice as likely to have signs of gum disease as infrequent or nonsmokers. To calculate risk, the researchers measured both the number of pockets between the teeth and gums and the depth of those pockets, both early signs of periodontitis. By both assessments, regular pot smokers fared worse than very occasional smokers and abstainers. If left unchecked, periodontal disease can lead to deteriorating and receding gums, recurrent bleeding, and, in advanced cases, tooth loss.

Source: What Smoking Pot Does to Your Gums – Men’s Journal

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