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This Is Why Weed Gives You the Munchies – MUNCHIES

1492610478736 14733790193 fc58fe7e14 kWe don’t need science to tell us that getting stoned and getting the munchies tend to go hand in hand—but a team of neuroscientists may have discovered the exact reason why weed can make you can tear through a pile of junk food.This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in February 2015.If you’ve ever wondered why exactly smoking weed makes you want to tear through an entire bag of chips, a microwaved plate of frozen taquitos, and even that four-month-old box of peanut brittle that Grandma sent you for the holidays, a team of neuroscientists is one step closer to the answer.



Source: This Is Why Weed Gives You the Munchies – MUNCHIES

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