Reviewing the Weirdest Marijuana Edibles ​| Men’s Health

My editor told me to find two things to eat. Or, at least, that’s the pitch he signed off on.“Hey, Sean,” I said, for this man’s name is Sean, and he works for Men’s Health, and he reads my pitch emails. [Ed. note: These emails are typically so bizarre, we wonder how many edibles Sam has consumed before writing them.] “There’s a truckload of new pot edibles on the market. Weird stuff—much of it aimed at people new to marijuana, so it’s designed to be palatable and low-stress. I’m going to go try some of the weirder options—pot-laced potato chips, that sort of thing. What if I bought two different types of uncommon edible and wrote about the experience for MH?”


Source: Reviewing the Weirdest Marijuana Edibles ​| Men’s Health

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