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Marijuana Is Having Success As Endometriosis Pain Treatment

endometrisis treatmentMedical Marijuana is very beneficial as Endometriosis Pain Treatment.In the past week I have taken care of 4 patients who use medical marijuana for endometriosis pain relief to halt the pain associated with endometriosis. Each of these patients were younger than 30 and had been managed medically prior to coming to see me.Amazingly, all of them had an almost complete resolution of their endometriosis symptoms when they medicated with marijuana which is Best Endometriosis Pain Treatment.These reports are stunning as endometriosis is often debilitating and outside of surgery and hormonal therapy very difficult for Endometriosis Pain Treatment.Pelvic pain is the most common symptom associated with endometriosis and was also the main symptom in my patients.


Source: Marijuana Is Having Success As Endometriosis Pain Treatment

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