Cannabis Use as a Parent – Tackling the Taboo – LIWTS

The subject of cannabis use as a parent has to be one of the most heavily debated and contested in the western world right now. As more nations, states and regions give the green flag to both recreational and medical cannabis, questions are being asked as to the appropriateness of using cannabis as a parent. Or more specifically, how, when, where and to what extent it is sensible and responsible to use cannabis as a parent.In order to look into the matter a little more closely, The Guardian in the United Kingdom reached out to its global contingency of readers for their own comments and suggestions on the issue.

They were primarily looking to answer the same questions any responsible parent with a taste for cannabis will probably have asked on more than a few occasions, such as:When exactly should I be using cannabis?Should I tell the kids?Where should I consume pot?What method should I use and how much should I consume?Does cannabis make me a better parent?Where should I keep my stash?Am I setting the right example?


Source: Cannabis Use as a Parent – Tackling the Taboo – LIWTS

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