cannabis root can save your life here is how 2074

Cannabis Root Can Save Your Life. Here is How

cannabis rootWe use almost every part of the weed plant: leaves, seeds, flowers, resin, fiber. During historical times, cannabis root was highly valued by our ancestors as they used them for medicine.The Roots of Weed TherapyHemp root was first recorded in Chinese medical literature about 5,000 years ago. The document states that the juice of hemp root is an effective diuretic. Ancient Chinese used it to stop hemorrhages in women after they gave birth. Chinese literature also documents the use of hemp root to manufacture gunpowder.Around 77-79 CE, Pliny, a Roman historian, published known uses of hemp root in his book Natural Histories. He said that when hemp was boiled in water, it was useful in treating joint stiffness as well as gout and similar disorders. Pliny also wrote that raw hemp root could be applied topically to soothe burn wounds.


Source: Cannabis Root Can Save Your Life. Here is How

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