America’s Hemp CBD Crop Arrives! | Cannabis Now


Ninety-year-olds Glenna and Jake Graves sit in the living room of their family farmhouse in Lexington, Kentucky, a home they’ve built over 70 years together, surrounded by family who watch Glenna’s hands shake with the tremors of advanced age.“For the last 30 years or so, she’s had really bad tremors,” her son Andy Graves, 58, says. “Her hands shake all the time. In fact, she couldn’t hold a cup of water still if she tried.”Glenna and Jake have lived here close to the fertile Kentucky soil through the Great Depression and World War II, growing hemp for the war effort as part of their civic duty. Jake is a 6th generation Kentucky hemp farmer who’s labored his entire life and is now enjoying the fruits of his labor with Glenna and their eight grown children nearby.


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