What It’s Really Like to Farm Cannabis Legally, in Oregon.

Behind the scenes: Recreational Marijuana, Regulations, and Craft Cannabis.


Oregon is known for some pretty amazing things. Its mountains, coast, and culture combine to make magic happen for those who venture her land. That land, it seems, is being hailed as some of the best for sun grown ganja, and with nearly 1 in 5 Oregonians consuming cannabis regularly; all that herb has got to grow somewhere!

The Sacred Herb Can Grow Nearly All Over the World,

but if you want organic sun grown herb in the US, the Pacific Northwest, in particular, Southern Oregon is the place to be. Thankfully, that’s where I am currently! I work on a legal recreational cannabis farm in Oregon. I come here seasonally to work in the fall for harvest, but this year I was called a little early to help with the light deprivation harvest.

How did I land a job on a pot farm in Oregon?

Truth be told, it may have been destiny, perhaps some combination of serendipitous luck and self-drive. I responded to a job listing on Craigslist… Yeah. I sent my résumé with necessary credentials, had an interview, and was hired. Now, that being said. Being in the right place in the right time is crucial, especially for seasonal work, and how I got to be in the right place at the right time is a whole other article.


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