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The latest addition to the themed-yoga craze? Yoga and marijuana – The Boston Globe

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A new series of yoga classes are giving a whole new meaning to “inhale, exhale.Two Boston-area classes that kick off this summer mix newly legal weed and traditional yoga.Run by Stacey Mulvey, Marijuasana is a Cambridge workshop series that promises to provide participants “a delicious experience to excite the senses,” according to an Eventbrite invitation.

The name of the workshop, Marijuasana, is a mashup of marijuana and “asana,” the word for a yoga pose.Get The Weekender in your inbox:The Globe’s top picks for what to see and do each weekend, in Boston and beyond.Sign UpAnother Boston-area class, named Canabasana, advertises the exploration of yoga and meditation “in a reflective and spiritually nourishing way.”Mulvey, who describes herself as a cannabis enthusiast, was a Pilates instructor for several years before getting into yoga instruction.“Just anything and everything that involves moving the body in a mindful way is something that I really, really love,” she said in an interview.

She said the combination of yoga and marijuana “just translates to you feeling amazing and feeling healthy and feeling synchronized.”Mulvey said she was abstaining from marijuana and struggling during her training for Pilates instruction, but when she began using the drug again, “all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place,” she said, describing the effect as “profound.”

The series of roughly 90-minute workshops runs through the fall and will be held in a “private home studio” according to Mulvey.Attendees will be educated about marijuana throughout the yoga session, and will be able to socialize with others who share an affinity for body-bending stretches and legalized weed.


Source: The latest addition to the themed-yoga craze? Yoga and marijuana – The Boston Globe

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