Should We Feed Pot to the Cows We Eat? | Alternet

As marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, pot people are growing more and more creative in novel uses for the plant. We’ve seen edibles of all stripes, oils and tinctures, cannabis beers and spirits, super-potent THC oils, and more. We’ve even seen stems and leaves used as pig feed, but whether pot as hog slop—or any other animal feed, for that matter—has a future remains to be seen.

In Washington state, a marijuana grower looking for a way to get rid of the stems and fan leaves of the plants after harvest, a hog farmer looking for innovative, interesting and cheap feed stock, and a butcher/restaurateur with a taste for the cutting edge got together and created cannabis-fed pork. Susannah Gross, who farms north of Seattle, supplemented the diet of four pigs with plant leavings courtesy of medical marijuana grower Matt McAlman during the last four months of their lives, and she said they ended up 20 to 30 pounds heavier than other pigs from the same litter that didn’t get the “special” feed.


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