Not Your Grandfather’s Tobacco, Not Your Father’s Marijuana

medical-marijuanaA small plant science company is developing a line of tobacco without addictive nicotine, as well as pot that won’t make people high because it doesn’t contain THC, opening the door to more medical uses.

A plant biotechnology company called 22ND Century (NASDAQ: XXII) is developing two very interesting new crop varieties. One is a line of tobacco that barely makes any nicotine. The idea is to use that tobacco to make cigarettes that can help people quit smoking. 22ND Century’s other new offering is a line of marijuana that doesn’t make THC. The goal in this case is to make it possible for people to realize various medical benefits of Cannabis without the physical and legal complications of the high. Both of these offerings demonstrate how the increasingly sophisticated scientific understanding of plant genetics can lead to positive contributions.


Source: Not Your Grandfather’s Tobacco, Not Your Father’s Marijuana

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