‘It’s very hard to watch your child in severe pain’

Tina McElligott (16), from Kilflynn in north Kerry, has had seizures which exhaust and frighten her “all her life”.Since returning from a clinic in Spain specialising in cannabis-based treatments two weeks ago, however, she has not had one.Finally diagnosed last year with Alpers syndrome, Tina has spent her life worn out and in chronic pain, says her mother Margaret. She has been on over 20 medications, none of which eased her pain or her seizures adequately.When she was diagnosed her parents were told she had about six months to live and that her brain was deteriorating. The seizures got worse and longer.“For seven weeks last year she was in such severe pain I was in bed with her every night. I cried with her the whole time she was in such agonising pain,” says Margaret.


Source: ‘It’s very hard to watch your child in severe pain’

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