I was a judge for the Cannabis Cup, and all i got was extremely high

On Saturday, a man in a tie-dyed T-shirt handed me a bag filled with 25 different marijuana samples and gave me a week to smoke it all, come hell or high water.

Judging the Cannabis Cup sounded like it was going to be the best time of my life. But as I learned quickly, it’s one thing to brag about your weed connoisseurship and quite another to match your nose, palate and sheer THC tolerance levels with the best in the business.

Still, I was determined to try.

For nearly 30 years, High Times magazine has pitted the world’s top cannabis growers against one another in ferocious battles to determine whose bud is dankest. The contest began in Amsterdam in 1988, but thanks to the advent of medical marijuana programs, High Times now hosts Cannabis Cups in several cities around North America, as well as in Europe and the Caribbean.


via I was a judge for the Cannabis Cup, and all I got was extremely high

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