Singapore court sentences another Malaysian Indian to death for drug trafficking


39-year-old Indian origin Malaysian who was caught with a bag of drugs in 2018 has been sentenced to death by a Singapore court for trafficking. The death sentence comes within weeks as another drug trafficker, a 33-year old Malaysian Indian, awaits the outcome of his last ditch appeal to be spare the gallows while his hanging, originally scheduled for November 10, has been stayed due to COVID-19 infection. Munusamy Ramarmurth, a cleaning supervisor, was convicted by the High Court last Wednesday. He was caught with a bag of drugs in his motorcycle parked along Harbourfront Avenue, according to media reports. He was caught with 6.3kg of a granular substance, which was found to contain 57.54g of heroin after analysis. Justice Audrey Lim, in written grounds issued on Monday, explained her decision to convict Munusamy, saying she disbelieved his contention that he thought the bag contained stolen mobile phones. The judge also rejected his claim that he had allowed a compatriot to store the bag temporarily in the rear box of his motorcycle so that another man could collect it later. The law provides for the death penalty if the amount of heroin trafficked is more than 15g. In her 42-page grounds, Justice Lim also rapped investigating officer (IO) Derek Wong for prompting a witness on the stand during the trial, conduct that the judge said was ”inappropriate and unacceptable”. ”Attempting to prompt a witness who is testifying, even on a point which may turn out to be immaterial or inconsequential, is improper and unbefitting of an enforcement officer,” The Straits Times quoted Justice Lim as saying. The IO had signalled to Sergeant Mohammad Nasrulhaq on two occasions. He picked up a field diary and showed it to Sergeant Nasrulhaq when the latter was being asked about whether the handover of a duffel bag was recorded. He also mouthed the word ”diamorphine” when Sergeant Nasrulhaq was asked by the court what the term ”heroin” refers to. The judge said…

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Source : Singapore court sentences another Malaysian Indian to death for drug trafficking

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