Operation Table Rock Part II: Law Enforcement Comes Asking for More Taxpayer Money


As predicted in our first Operation Table Rock post, Oregon law enforcement is leveraging misleading hemp enforcement statistics to seek more taxpayer money for further criminalization of the marijuana industry. Oregon voters may believe that they have ended the War on Drugs at the ballot box, but Oregon’s law enforcement community, with a heavy assist from the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC), apparently has other plans. Last week it was revealed that the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is requesting $7 million from the Oregon legislature for increased marijuana enforcement. Jackson County Commissioners previously declared a state of emergency and asked Governor Kate Brown to deploy the Oregon National Guard to assist the county in shutting down illegal cannabis grows. Oregon state Senate President Peter Courtney (D) supports the call for deployment of the Oregon National Guard and U.S. Representative Cliff Bentz (R) made a request to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland for federal law enforcement support in shutting down illegal grows in southern Oregon. The basis for these calls leads back to the widely reported theory that Oregon’s hemp program is a cover for illegal marijuana grows ran by “foreign” cartels. However, this theory is based on misrepresentations from the OLCC, and law enforcement and their political backers are intentionally using this misinformation to get more funding to continue the War on Drugs in Oregon. Misleading Hemp Statistics Oregon House Bill 3000 (HB 3000) empowered the OLCC and the State Department of Agriculture (ODA) to investigate Oregon’s hemp licensees and tasked the agencies with creating a methodology for determining whether these licensees were growing hemp or marijuana. The OLCC and ODA used this new authority to conduct Operation Table Rock and reported that 58 percent of hemp licensees failed “presumptive testing.” A sudden change from last year’s 93 percent pass rate. The 58 percent fail statistic is widely cited by…

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