Montana Regulators Rescind Marijuana Industry Employment And CBD Restrictions

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“It has been made very clear by legislators and members of the public that the department’s interpretation in those two places didn’t jive with the legislature’s.” By Arren Kimbel-Sannit, Daily Montanan The Montana Department of Revenue told lawmakers this week that it will strike a pair of proposed rules implementing the state’s fledgling recreational marijuana program after hearing considerable input from members of the public, the cannabis industry and legislators who warned that the rules veered from the intent of House Bill 701, an act passed this session regulating the adult-use market. The first rule would have effectively banned marijuana dispensaries from also selling CBD products, an interpretation of a provision in the statute intended to create separation between the hemp and recreational cannabis sectors. The second would have potentially restricted employment opportunities in dispensaries for with those with any previous criminal conviction in the past three years or any marijuana law violation in any jurisdiction at any time in the past, which legalization advocates said contradicted the philosophies of restorative justice and economic development that undergirded Montana’s push for recreational marijuana. But lawmakers were quick to tell the department, tasked with developing rules to implement HB701 by its January 1 effective date, that its interpretation of statute was missing the mark—for example, HB701 just says that dispensary workers with felony convictions need to notify the Department of Revenue, not that any conviction could be grounds for suspension or revocation of a marijuana worker permit. On the CBD side, the department has said it based its draft rule on a section in HB701 that explicitly excludes hemp from the definition of marijuana, “including the seeds and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids” and so on, but lawmakers have countered they were intending to protect hemp producers, not limit the sale of a value-added product. “It…

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