Connecticut chooses BioTrack as the state’s cannabis seed-to-sale tracking software


NEWS RELEASE BY FORIAN Newtown, PA | Forian Inc. (NASDAQ: FORA), a provider of technology, analytics and data science driven solutions for the healthcare and cannabis industries, announced that Connecticut has chosen BioTrack as the track and trace system for the state’s Department of Consumer Protection Drug Control Division. The state plans to use the BioTrack inventory tracking system to monitor the movement of cannabis products in the state’s medical and adult-use cannabis markets, while providing a real-time inventory of cannabis products available in the state and preventing unlawful diversion of products. The BioTrack software, commonly referred to as seed-to-sale tracking, will track cannabis from when it is first planted as a seed to the point of sale to the consumer. All licensed medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis establishments will be required to participate in the tracking system and log the movement of cannabis as it is grown, manufactured into other products, packaged, tested, and sold to qualifying patients or consumers. BioTrack’s state traceability system will also help recall cannabis plants and products deemed as unsafe/adulterated, and prevent adulterated and regulated materials from reaching the black market. “Connecticut has shown their desire to be at the forefront of cannabis by looking for best-in-class software solutions. We are very excited to work with the state to develop new technologies to support their cannabis-related initiatives,” said Moe Afaneh, VP of BioTrack. BioTrack’s point-of-sale software is used by customers in 38 states and 10 countries, while 10 state governments, including Connecticut, currently use BioTrack’s patient portal and traceability system. About Forian Forian Inc. provides a unique suite of SaaS solutions, data management capabilities and proprietary data and analytics to optimize and measure operational, clinical and financial performance for customers within the traditional and emerging life sciences, healthcare payer and provider segments, as well as cannabis dispensaries, manufacturers, cultivators…

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Source : Connecticut chooses BioTrack as the state’s cannabis seed-to-sale tracking software

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