2021 Global Drug Policy Index Published


What ids the Global Drug Policy Index? This is the basic outline The Global Drug Policy Index is a unique accountability tool that documents, measures and compares national-level drug policies. It provides each country with a score from 0 to 100, where 100 represents full alignment of a selected core of drug policies and their implementation with the United Nations recommendations on human rights, health and development, as laid down in the UN System Common Position on drugs. The first iteration of the Global Drug Policy Index was released in November 2021, and it evaluates the performance of 30 countries covering all regions of the world, for the year 2020. The Global Drug Policy Index is composed of 75 policy indicators running across 5 dimensions: the absence of extreme responses, the proportionality of the criminal justice system, health and harm reduction, access to controlled medicines and development. Each country is then given a total score ranging from 0 to 100. How did it come to be? 50 years after the escalation of the global ‘war on drugs’, punitive drug policies continue to bring uncounted harms. The Index is the first-ever global accountability and evaluation mechanism to describe and assess national policies. We expect that governments will move away from repressive drug policies, as the Index provides them with new and objective data on the alignment of drug polcies with UN recommendations on health, human rights and development. What does it measure? The Global Drug Policy Index measures how drug policies align with many of the key UN recommendations on how to design and implement drug policies in accordance with the United Nations principles of health, human rights, and development. The Index is composed of 75 indicators that run across 5 dimensions: The absence of extreme sentencing and responses to drugs, such as…

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Source : 2021 Global Drug Policy Index Published

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