Repubican Nancy Mace (R-SC) sponsors new cannabis bill, the States Reform Act


The Official Press Release SRA-Press-Release-11_15_21 Here’s her twitter post Today, I intro’d the #StatesReformAct a turnkey federal tax and regulate framework for existing state laws. SC has CBD, FL medical, CA adult-use; this bill allows these differences while protecting kids, vets, businesses and those w serious illness. WATCH — Rep. Nancy Mace (@RepNancyMace) November 15, 2021   Marijuana Moment report Several Republican members of Congress introduced a bill on Monday to federally legalize and tax marijuana as an alternative to pending far-reaching Democratic-led reform proposals and scaled-down GOP cannabis descheduling legislation. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) is sponsoring the bill—titled the States Reform Act—along with a handful of initial Republican cosponsors. It would end federal marijuana prohibition while taking specific steps to ensure that businesses in existing state markets can continue to operate unencumbered by changing federal rules. Unlike more modest measures previously championed by some of Mace’s GOP colleagues, this legislation—an updated draft version of which was obtained by Marijuana Moment over the weekend—represents an attempt to bridge a partisan divide. It does that by incorporating certain equity provisions such as expungements for people with non-violent cannabis convictions and imposing an excise tax, revenue from which would support community reinvestment, law enforcement and Small Business Administration (SBA) activities. “This bill supports veterans, law enforcement, farmers, businesses, those with serious illnesses, and it is good for criminal justice reform,” Mace said in a statement on Monday. “The States Reform Act takes special care to keep Americans and their children safe while ending federal interference with state cannabis laws.” Read the full report and details at Republican Lawmakers File Bill To Tax And Regulate Marijuana As Alternative To Democratic Proposals   The Reason Foundation have published the following FAQ about the Act Frequently asked questions about the States Reform Act,…

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Source : Repubican Nancy Mace (R-SC) sponsors new cannabis bill, the States Reform Act

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