Meadow launches Dynamic Delivery to bring mobile cannabis dispensaries to California


Meadow’s new Dynamic Delivery helped Cannable cut delivery times from hours to 20 minutes. How? The delivery vehicle is stocked with $3,000 worth of pot, and customers can order directly from the car in their neighborhood. Think of it like an ice cream truck with a modern online ordering system. But, instead of serving gelato treats and Creamsicles, these mobile dispensaries are slinging eighths of Gelato and Creamsicle. “Now we’re able to put inventory in a car trunk,” David Tuel of Cannable told TechCrunch. He’s the Director of Strategy & Technology at Cannable, a dispensary store-front and cannabis delivery service in Parlier, California. “We can have inventory stored in the vehicles, rather than stored in one conglomerate e-commerce location,” he said. “When customers order, they are ordering based on the vehicle that is in their location, rather than ordering from the primary menu at our home base — and they can still order from our main menu, too.” Meadow built Dynamic Delivery to give dispensaries the tools needed to operate such retail locations. Meadow’s solution wraps up the handful of tools dispensaries have to use to offer similar services. For example, it automatically dispatches drivers and includes real-time inventory reporting. It features geo-targeted SMS marketing, too, which allows for precise, targeted advertisement. Meadow was once called the Amazon of weed. Its platform, like AWS, serves a large part of the cannabis retail industry. Now Meadow is pushing the retail platform forward with Dynamic Delivery. Weed delivery is quickly growing. More consumers are opting to have their pot delivered rather than going to a dispensary. In 2021, 60% of retail cannabis transactions were delivered, up from 50% in 2020, according to a report published today by Weedmaps. In addition, delivery among Gen Z users increased 125% year over year. Most dispensaries operate delivery like mail carriers.…

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Source : Meadow launches Dynamic Delivery to bring mobile cannabis dispensaries to California

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