Exclusive: Straws Lined with THC Could Transform Edibles Industry

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Innovative THC delivery systems are plentiful in a market saturated with transdermal patches, dissolvable strips and more—but every so often, a unique product idea disrupts the playing field. Enter THC-infused drinking straws loaded with an interior lining—infused with THC. Drnq Budz launched its premiere line of drinking straws infused with THC, right in the lining of the straws. The lining dissolves as you drink, providing a new titration system: the consumer can watch the amount of THC that is consumed through the outer layer of the straw. This technology allows for very precise dosage, setting itself apart from other titration methods. Give your lungs a break, but while maintaining a relatively fast onset of THC, taking place within six minutes. You can actually see the colored coating inside the straw fade away as the THC is consumed. Drink Budz Founder Joe Wallace. “Here’s the situation: People are taking gummies and waiting half an hour to get high,” Drnq Budz Founder Joe Wallace told High Times. “How often do they end up taking a second one when they get bored waiting? And end up much higher than they wanted to be? With Drnq Budz, the coating dissolves in the liquid you drink with it, giving it greater bioavailability—we have a six-minute onset, which is definitely more fun, but also gives people more control.” How is this possible? The Los Angeles-based startup secured the master rights to technology developed by Unistraw, the biggest straw maker in the world, based in Australia. Unistraw’s patented, award-winning straw-delivery system can infuse drinks with a coating of flavoring or active ingredients—THC, in this case.  Drnq Budz will launch in three flavors and three doses: 25mg, 50mg and 100mg dosages, with individual straws containing 5-10mg. More options are expected soon. This allows anyone to be able to…

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Source : Exclusive: Straws Lined with THC Could Transform Edibles Industry

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