December 2nd: Plant Medicines and Environmental Justice: The Struggle to Protect Indigenous Homelands


BONG SCORE We apply our entirely subjective  bong score to each event 1 Don’t Bother Unless You Need A Well Deserved Sleep 2 You Might Learn Something But We Hope You Didn’t Pay For It 3 This is really something, interesting presenters, well worth the money, and i actually will learn something BLURB A Conversation with Nicole Horseherder and Brad Bartlett Wednesday, December 1st from 12:00-1:30pm PST Plant medicine use has long shaped and informed American Indian cultural, clan and familial identity.  Today plant medicines like peyote, datura and others continue to play an important role within many tribal communities as they struggle to overcome the legacy of European conquest and colonization. In this special series, Diné (Navajo) activist Nicole Horseherder and American Indian law attorney Brad Bartlett will have an intimate conversation on the intersection of traditional cultural use of plant medicines by American Indian communities and how that use informs struggles to protect indigenous life-ways and natural resources. Nicole Horseherder is Diné (Navajo) and executive director of Tó Nizhóní Ání (“Sacred Water Speaking”) which works to protect the environment, land, water, sky and people of her tribal homeland in the Black Mesa region (Dził Yijiin) of Dinétah (Navajo Nation).  Navajo Nation, which is bigger than Scotland, is located on the Colorado Plateau in Northeast Arizona and Northwest New Mexico.  Nicole’s climate advocacy and leadership on environmental justice matters has been widely featured on NPR, PBS, and elsewhere.  In 2019, Nicole was recognized by Elle magazine as one of the world’s leading female voices in the fight against anthropogenic climate change, and in 2021Time magazine heralded Nicole’s water rights advocacy on the behalf of her tribe.  Nicole holds a masters-of-arts in linguistics from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  Nicole and her family are active members of the Native American Church (NAC) of Navajo…

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Source : December 2nd: Plant Medicines and Environmental Justice: The Struggle to Protect Indigenous Homelands

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