Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill, Includes Cannabis Study Improvements

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President Joe Biden signed an infrastructure bill Monday, which includes the opportunity to allow researchers to use commercial cannabis in their studies, rather than government-grown cannabis. President Biden signed a major bill on November 15 that will go down in history as a major infrastructure overhaul. HR-3648, also called The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, is a $1.2 trillion, bipartisan package aimed at supporting essential services.  “The bill I’m about to sign into law is proof that despite the cynics, Democrats and Republicans can come together and deliver results,” Biden said. “We can do this. We can deliver real results for real people. We see in ways that really matter each and every day, to each person out there. And we’re taking a monumental step forward to build back better as a nation.” The bill passed in the Senate in August 2021, followed by the House earlier this month. The bill will provide numerous federal investments that will go toward repairing roads, bridges and airport runways and terminals, and replacing school buses with low-emission versions, among other transit-related improvements. It also donates funds to increase access to reliable high-speed internet services, updating power grids and providing drought protection.  More importantly, it also includes a provision to allow researchers to study cannabis that consumers use every day, rather than the less-than-potent cannabis grown by the government. Biden did not address this provision in his November 15 speech. The bill mentions a “report on marijuana research” in Sec. 25026. It states that two years from now, Attorney General and Secretary of Health and Human Services must submit this public report that addresses the recommendations for following points:  Increasing access of cannabis “samples and strains” to researchers to study.Establishing a “national clearinghouse” that will assist researchers in distributing those cannabis products.Increase cannabis sample…

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Source : Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill, Includes Cannabis Study Improvements

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