We tried it: Jetty Extracts' solventless line of cannabis concentrates


Since casual smokers are still hazy on the definition of the term “solventless,” before we get into this review of Jetty Extracts’ excellent new solventless line of concentrates, vapes, and infused pre-rolls, let’s talk about what it really means for a product to be considered solventless. If you’re already familiar with solventless products, skip ahead to the juicy part of this product review. What does ‘solventless’ mean? Solventless refers to a type of cannabis concentrate. When a product that isn’t a concentrate is called “solventless,” like a gummy or a pre-roll, that means the cannabis used in the product has been extracted using the solventless extraction method.   Solvent extractions employ a solvent, like C02 or a hydrocarbon like butane, to separate the active ingredients from plant matter with advanced scientific equipment, and are called “extracts.” This process produces substances that are far more pure, like resins, shatters, badders, etc. Solventless extractions, on the other hand, only use water, agitation, heat, and pressure to separate the active ingredients from plant matter, and are called “concentrates.” These produce unrefined concentrates like kief, rosin, dry sift, and bubble hash, which still contain a good deal of plant matter.  The misconception about solventless products lies in the assumption that because they don’t use chemicals to produce them, they are healthier or better for you than solvent extractions. This is not true. Solvent extractions actually produce cleaner, lighter extracts than solventless extractions, which contain a lot of plant matter and are, for the most part, heavier to consume. While the concept that’s driving the public’s infatuation with solventless products may be flawed, that’s not to say that solventless is worse than solvent extractions. Both are good as long as the flower used in the extraction process is high-quality, and the extractor knows what they’re doing.…

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Source : We tried it: Jetty Extracts' solventless line of cannabis concentrates

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