We tried it: Hapy Kitchen cookies and brownies


Portland-based Hapy Kitchen is an artisan cannabis edibles company specializing in baked goods, caramels, chocolate bars, and an assortment of fruit pastilles, hard candies, and flavored tinctures. Its award-winning line of confections includes an extra gooey brownie, a toffee freckled brown sugar blondie, and a strain-specific chocolate cookie that features Blue Dream Hash Rosin — all three of which I had the pleasure of testing during a recent trip that included a wig wardrobe, a perpetually wet fleabag motel, and a funeral where several people nearly fell into the fresh grave of my last deceased grandparent.  Hapy Kitchen is a familiar brand in Oregon with a range of edibles that appeal to not just recreational consumers, but also folks who require consistent, manageable doses of cannabis for therapeutic necessities. Though the brand’s POV is framed in frivolity — its slogan, “laughter is the best medicine,” being the most obvious example — Hapy Kitchen’s focus is aimed at the normalization of therapeutic cannabis through recreational means.  After reading through Hapy Kitchen consumers’ personal stories, admiring its several awards, and considering my own optimal usage, I packed the brownie, blondie, and chocolate cookie, each with 50 milligrams of THC, for a 48-hour trip to my home state, where comfort, focus, and a potent anxiety relief were going to be big requirements. During my trip, I attended my grandmother’s funeral, mingled with my caucasian cousins, and dodged cat ghosts at a vermin-ridden hotel. First impressions Hapy Kitchen’s branding is straightforward, with fonts and packages that are across-the-board cohesive. Edibles arrive in medium-small, glossy bags emblazoned with a minimalist, line-art leaf emblem and a plain description of the bag’s contents. In this regard, Hapy Kitchen edibles are discreet enough to toss into a handbag or slip into a jacket pocket, with an aesthetic that…

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