Sturdy Hemp Structures Could be the Future Eco-Building

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Hemp could be the building material that accelerates the sustainable industry. The year 2020 marked a devastating time period for myriad reasons. Among the pantheon of pain was the immense damage brought on by natural disasters. In early 2021, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its billion-dollar disaster report, calling 2021 a “historic year of extremes.”  More precisely, the U.S. saw disasters on an unheard-of level that year, witnessing 22 individual billion-dollar weather and climate disasters. From hail to forest fires to hurricanes and beyond, homes, businesses and other important buildings were leveled in the destruction—and numerous lives were lost.  Hemp hasn’t come up much in the rebuilding efforts. However, a late-August op-ed in The Hill from University of Florida Associate Professor Benjamin Hebblethwaite did make a case for hemp and bamboo in Haiti. Hebblethwaite called concrete structures unsafe, noting that intense weather on the island can weaken diluted concrete, increasing the potential for collapses. As a replacement material, he cited the hemp’s ability to create lightweight hempcrete, which can be used to insulate homes and build bricks.  Like the U.S., Hebblethwaite cited laws he called draconian for banning the renewable resource.  As both nations and others rebuild from a disastrous 2020, could hemp materials provide an ecological, more efficient solution?  Hemp Offers Construction Potential in Many Instances Like cannabis consumption, using hemp for concrete isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. For some situations, depending on the construction needs, including local laws, budget and other factors, hemp could be an ideal option to rebuild or when beginning new projects.  Sources touched on an array of benefits to using hemp. Jacob Waddell, president of the U.S. Hemp Building Association, told High Times that utilizing hemp uses carbon sequestering building materials, replacing current options he said were unsustainable.  “By utilizing an agricultural…

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Source : Sturdy Hemp Structures Could be the Future Eco-Building

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