PAQcase: Recycled Ocean Plastics for Cleaner Seas and Fresher Joints

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For far too long the cannabis industry has lived with a dirty little secret. From the way plants are farmed and nourished, to the way the end goods are packaged, most industry practices are not environmentally friendly. This includes growing methods, nutrients, and most of all, single-use packaging. However, some companies are taking on the challenge of “going green.” PAQcase is one cannabis brand committed to using alternative plastics for a healthier planet. PAQcase makes pre-roll packaging and doob tubes out of OceanPür, which is a proprietary blend of plastic retrieved from high seas, coastal waters and tributaries to help eliminate ocean waste. In making the switch to alternative, eco-friendly materials, consumers and operators can join forces and position the cannabis industry to transpire as a leader in environmental sustainability. Strict Regulations Pose Challenges for Sustainability   The agricultural and retail sectors of the cannabis industry generate copious amounts of excess waste—150 tons annually, according to Spectrum News. Furthermore, because of strict regulations on cannabis, the industry produces more waste than comparative industries. The commercialization of cannabis industry has only made matters worse. By law, cannabis retailers are required to follow stringent packaging protocols, including child-proof features, specific labeling and reliable materials. Adversely, most cannabis products are packaged in single-use plastic, which can’t be recycled. Plastic is overwhelming the planet, and most packaging used for cannabis ends up in the landfill. Many consumers are asking about hemp-based plastic products. However, most of these are 30% hemp at best, and unfortunately in the United States, hemp plastic usually isn’t recyclable. While hemp plastic can be composted, it is nearly impossible to do so sustainably, as most hemp plastic products are made with petroleum-based plasticizers.  Reclaimed Ocean Plastic: A Smarter Choice Plastic can be sustainable when used properly because of its durable properties. On the other hand, single-use plastics…

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Source : PAQcase: Recycled Ocean Plastics for Cleaner Seas and Fresher Joints

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