Hydra Time …….Beard Brothers……. “Shocker: Corporate Cannabis is Secretly Doing What We Already Knew They Were Doing the Whole Time”


Their investigative articles just get better each week.  Here’s the intro to their article How Corporate Cannabis Uses the Dirtiest Plays in Politics to Shut Out Legacy Operators and Home Growers The principles of a free market economy are those of equal inclusion and potential. Competitive edges are gained through hard work, insight, and strategy—not leg-ups and backdoor deals. Wherever there is widespread leveraging of Federal or State Regulations that benefit only prominent players, an Oligopoly is never far behind. An oligopoly is a system of big players who can collaborate to increase barriers that new players must pass before entering an industry. They stifle creativity, drive prices up, and grow exponentially in power as their market share does—think of the two or three companies who can afford to run TV spots for beer; you begin to see a picture of where the once-hopeful cannabis industry is headed. Read full article at.  https://beardbrospharms.com/2021/11/corporate-cannabis-playing-politics/   And as Lawyer David Feder writes on Linked In David B. Feder, Esq•  Founder of Weed Law Who is the U.S. Cannabis Council (USCC)? What’s their agenda? Are they for the industry or for themselves? After seeing some of the companies involved in this group, I was suspicious as soon as they first announced it’s formation. While there are definitely some good ethical companies on this list, the old adage comes to mind: Watch the company you keep… Take a look at the USCC’s founding members, read the attached article, and draw your own conclusions: Acreage Holdings Akerna Corp. American Trade Association of Cannabis and Hemp Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine BellRock Brands Buckeye Relief Cannabis Trade Federation Canopy Growth Corporation Columbia Care Inc. Cresco Labs Inc. Cronos Group Culta Curaleaf DNA Genetics Eaze Flowhub Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce Good Chemistry The Grove…

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Source : Hydra Time …….Beard Brothers……. “Shocker: Corporate Cannabis is Secretly Doing What We Already Knew They Were Doing the Whole Time”

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